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"The Best of 2017 in Shoegazer Alive - May - Top 30 Shoegazer Albums/EPs - Rank #10" - Shoegazer Alive 9

"As a whole, Ours is a welcome follow-up to last year’s Mine. It will be interesting to see where Blue Navy can go with the style that Mine and Ours have developed." - Mike Marlow, KnowMoreMusic

"Dryzal, a Johnstown-area teenager, shows continued musical growth with "Ours". That goes for his songwriting, but even more notably for his production chops. This is a slick piece of music." - Bruce Siwy, Our Town Amped

"Dryzal is a talented artist with a boatload of potential. I like where his head's at and am excited to hear his evolution. Recommended." - Dan Weston, Divide and Conquer

"Ours" is Blue Navy's sophomore LP - another concept album that covers topics such as heartbreak, loss, and memories. Along with introspective, confessional lyrics, "Ours" contains balanced elements of stripped-down acoustic folk, as well as dense layers of lush, ethereal, and reverberated ambient soundscapes. "Ours" is an incredibly melancholic yet breathtaking release; "music du jour for the disaffected and misunderstood."

Here it is, guys; my second Blue Navy record. This album was the direct result of the pain and sadness that I had felt after the loss of a very meaningful relationship. Ultimately, the idea of this album spontaneously came in mid-January - what we had, and what could have been, is, and was, ours. I recorded and written this album simultaneously; it is a much more "stream-of-consciousness" album than "Mine." With senior year of high school in the way, making this album and finding time to work on it was incredibly difficult. However, I could not have been prouder of the end result, and I hope that it does you well. Thank you for listening.

- Jake


released May 16, 2017

This album was written, as well as recorded and mixed at home with GarageBand and Sony Vegas, between January-April 2017.



all rights reserved


Blue Navy Windber, Pennsylvania

Blue Navy is the ambient/slowcore alias of artist Jake Dryzal; he writes haunting, introspective lyrics that are sung alongside heavily reverberated guitars, warm synthesizers, and occasional drums, piano, and strings. His newest album, Ours, was released on May 16, 2017. ... more

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Track Name: October Through
I have to rid of everything and everyone that tries and attempts to devastate and eliminate my own happiness. I never would've thought that things could get so tough with you. I never would've thought that our visions and our sights would ever get so cloudy.

I always stand and dream of everything I need and what gives me warmth. A light to guide me on. A strength to push me forward. I never should've said. I never should've read your mind. I never should've fallen for your... Cause I might lose everything I've ever had from you October through.

There'd be times where I'd be so angry, and there'd be times where I'd be so sad. And you would help me manage; another day, another smile I'd see. A house, another corner I'd be; another iris that had lured me in. It's a fantasy within memories. Our errors are causing us to change our fates.

But I never want to be alone. I never want to say goodbye. I never want to have regrets, and I don't want you to have them, too. No cradle nor bedside, nor heart and brain. I hear your words, I just can't speak. And now, my time is up. I've lost the balance, and I might lose everything I've had October through.
Track Name: Reflection I
A terrifying nightmare. Second one this week. A promise that we made to swear on is starting to get weak. The wonder that you are is everything I need. But, things are looking bleak. No candlewick, no germinating seed.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, and God, I saw her eyes. But when the mind splits and when the hurt hits, it's easier to die. A simple pleasure, three simple words, were the pedestal desire. But a conscience clear, an empty soul, and aching body just makes this much more dire.

My fortune lied. My everything is gone. Everything seemed happier for the two of us, I swear. A bridge to build, a hole to fill. Reaching for completeness, reaching for a hope. And all the things that we have made together will linger on till death; mutuality of breath. But you've made the pain. You caused the strain. I wish that we were something only dreams can make somehow.
Track Name: Goodnight Sweet February
Goodnight, sweet February. One more time has passed. A wish left unfulfilled, a future left uncertain. Goodnight, sweet February, with similar grave strife, and weights upon my shoulders that I'll have to carry through.

Why does misery look right in front of me, and utilize disguises that manipulate my fate? It's easier to hate than it is to accept, and it's easier to lie than it is to love.

Goodnight, sweet February, though you're wrapped around my brain, like an arm surrounding waist, or a light surrounding faces. Goodnight, sweet February, though you took away my hope; a hope to be much stronger, and a hope to be with you, my dear.

And our souls' precious moments have seen their better days. Distant memories are evaporating slowly. And our eyes have seen the fortune, the brightest mirroring. Distant memories are dimming down so slowly, cause it's easier to hurt than it is to improve, and it's easier to leave than it is to keep.

- Spoken Word -

It's already been a month since I've talked to you last, and although our time apart has made me feel a lot better about everything that happened between the two of us, it also gave me a lot of time to think. It's currently February 25, 2017, and yet I still have so much to say, and I still have so much to feel.

You entered my life at a very special time. At a time when I was ridiculed by arrogance. At a time where I felt underappreciated by everything. At a time when friends were falling away fast from their circles. You were there to help me escape all of these things. But now, I believe that, deep down, I have once again fell victim to these circumstances, and that you are unaware of the suffering that you have created for me.

I remember this deep, black, autumn night very vividly. There were fireworks illuminating the sky, and you were standing right next to me. While they were launching, you told me how you used to go to Indian Lake on the Fourth of July, and how they held their own shows. All you did was lay in the middle of the fields, body against grass, while they would travel up into the air. The colors would spark so extravagantly that it felt like you were seeing them from ten feet away. And I immediately began to think about how much I wanted to go with you next summer, and that, just the two of us, would sit against the stars, and watch them shine onto our cheeks.

Now, I understand that I'm not the most perfect anybody, and what nobody knows is that I constantly create these love scenes within my head; these irrelevant daydreams where I just look off into the distance and memorize a picture of a chapel and an ocean and a field and a bed. I admit, I'm lonely. But I never felt that way when I was around you. When I saw you the day after my birthday, and we just talked about everything that was on our minds, I started to feel these things just pour out into reality. But that wasn't reciprocated, I guess.

Our everything was special to me, and I immediately knew that after I found out that you were not genuine, we would never be the same. I don't know - maybe I'll be free one day. I don't know when such a day will come, however. But I hope that someday, I'll be able to stand upon these two feet, gaze into the world far beyond me, and do nothing else but smile.
Track Name: Without
You swear you recognized that voice before. Remember, I was on your bedroom floor. I'd feel the sudden warmth emitting clear. I'd feel the energy that's rushing near.

And then, you took away this opportunity. It's a goddamn shame that you will never see. And the truth be told, you made a sabotage, and both of us will regret just what we've lost.

You swear that you have heard that breath before. Remember, I was waiting by your door. And in between these nights and all the days, you'd always find a way to make me stay.

And then, you took away this opportunity. You preferred the arms with a false embrace. Did you really care about the things I did? Was it a fallacy you won't accept, or was it a disgrace?
Track Name: A Pin of Leaves
This must be what I deserve for treating you like gold. I've given you so much with nothing in return. So, I'll be drowned in your lies and deception. Say no words of sorrow, I fell for your apathy.

Why must things be like this? Why must you be like this? We had everything, and we were ready for this future symmetry and feel of fingers through hair. But you turned your back. The lights aren't gleaming anymore.

And now, all I have is a pin of leaves to remember what we were.
Track Name: Reflection II
All of these empty wishes, they were ours, and every cherished intention in these hours will never be recreated. In bitter truth, they're captured within my lost innocence of youth.

I still have the limerence; the consequential suffering and guilty shame embedded in my mind. Darling, please don't forget me as easily as the bouquet with silk on the table that you had left behind.

You lacked reciprocation. An argument had led to humiliation; another reason for my wretched isolation, and the quiet repentant separation between the both of us.

But why did I have to burn a memory that held so much value? Why did I have to upset a person with so much value? I will always be sorry for what I've done to you.